Saturday, December 24, 2011

Photo 365 - Day 4

Today Auston and I were sitting outside in front of his mom's house, waiting for a package from my mom to arrive. I get so impatient around Christmas time. I LOVE unwrapping things. The gift doesn't have to be some gucci handbag either, I just love the suprise. Anyways, we were sitting outside, on another unseasonably beautiful day when I looked up to the tree in the front yard. All of a sudden I was struck by how beautiful it looked. I don't know why, I've seen the tree a million times before, its not some 100 year old tree in the forest either. Its just a tree, in the front yard of his moms suburban home. Maybe it was just the season, or the fact that I had been having an amazing day. Maybe God just wanted me to take a second to appreciate something natural and unmaterial for a minute. Maybe you won't think its as pretty as I do.  I could be nuts! Either way, it worked. and here is the result.

Photo 365 # 4


~Carla~ said...

Wonderful photo!! :) Merry Christmas!!

Aubrey Rose said...

Thank you!
Merry Christmas to you as well!