Friday, March 9, 2012


So after three days of driving we ended up here at about noon on Tuesday. I have so much more money left over  than I had anticipated. It's awesome!

The drive was alright, dad convinced me to take 95 all the way up so we could avoid hitting snow in the mountains and we hit so many ridiculous tolls! I picked on him, because my route would have avoided them all. I swear I didn't realize ho high they had gotten!
We only hit snow once driving through Virginia, and it came out of no where so there was no salt on the roads and our smooth sailing slowed down for a bit.
We made it out though, and now we're here!

I have talked to me new boss, and hopefully will begin work within the next week.

Other than that it has really just been a whole lot of family time. My entire family (mom dad and brothers) haven't been together in years so it was interesting. I'm wiped out from the whole thing.

Hopefully within the next few days things will start to mellow out and get into the norm. I still feel like I'm on one big vacation.

I am going to crash now.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

Can't wait to hear about life in your new city.