Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day Trip, and my progress.

Today Auston, his mom, his brother, and I went up to Souther GA to spend some time at a family gathering. It was a bit awkward, the family was pretty extended and no one really knew who anyone was. It was worth it just to see the land though. It was beautiful. It used to be the Myers Plantation . Its a acres upon acres, with horses, and cows, and donkeys, and ponds, and woods. We walked around the whole things just looking at the sights for about an hour. (I will constitute this as our walk for the week) Their was a slave burial ground there, with about 150 slaves, all the markers have since faded away, so there is no real way of telling who is where. It was quite a sight to see. I am really glad we went. One day, after Auston and I have saved enough, I hope to own land like this. I wish I had had a camera with me so I could show you all.

Proudly, I did not make any purchases on this trip!

Spending Log:
Electric - $70.00

I only owe them $30 now! BIG DEAL FOR ME! I have been trying to pay off this bill since July!


- No more eating at work.       
FAIL - so far. I ate there on tuesday :(

-Walk atleast once a week
      PASS! (so far) We did that today!

- Put $100 towards my move in march
      $10.00 so far! Much more coming soon hopefully!

-Start a "Piggy Bank" that we will not open for one year.      I want to add a little to it each day, it
      PASS! Started it on the 5th!

-Bake 112 cookies to give away to friends and family for Christmas
      Havent started yet!

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