Friday, December 23, 2011

The Bell Ringers.

I just found this article on CNN and thought I'd share.

"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- This time of year, familiar Salvation Army volunteers don a Santa's hat and stand on the street corner collecting loose change to feed the needy -- and every now and then they strike gold, literally.
So far this Christmas season, the Salvation Army has received a total of about 40 gold coins, left anonymously in their red kettles, among other valuable treasures, the non-profit organization said.
Fourteen Swiss gold francs were dropped in a kettle at the Jewel-Osco grocery store in Libertyville, Ill. Those coins, each containing 0.19 ounces of gold, are worth nearly $3,000 together, given Thursday's spot price.
The coins came with a note that said "enclosed is a second identical donation to assist you in your Godly care of our neediest brothers and sisters. Trust me, these donations are small when compared to the bountiful blessings God has bestowed on us," according to the Salvation Army Metropolitan Division which serves Chicago, northern Illinois and northwestern Indiana.  " Read More Here

Auston and I are always taken in by these volunteers who selflessly stand on the corners in the most brutal weather during December. Usually it is older men and women you see, but this year we have seen families, with children, college students, and well, pretty much everyone! It really warms my heart to see more people helping out. We spend a lot of cash in December, instead of using my card for the sole purpose of giving to these people. However, I always walk away wishing I could have done more. This year, not only did we give to the ringers each time we passed by, but I also made a point to pick up some non-perishables on every grocery trip. Next year, I want to do something truly spectacular. Like pay for some ones groceries, or Pay off someones Layaway, both are things I read about earlier this month and was blown away by.

On a similar note , at my place of employment yesterday a little boy went up to our cashier, he handed her $20 and bought a gift card. He then walked away and went up to one of the servers working. He told her to give this card to one of the people dining in the establishment, any one he didn't care , and wish them a merry Christmas.  I wish I could have been there. Unfourtunately I had the day off.
 I have been completely amazed this season by the generosity of others.

What Miracles have you witnessed?


saving for travel said...

What a lovely gesture, by the young boy! Shame it wasn't you.

Well we were touched by a charity called CONTACT THE ELDERLY in the UK.

Each volunteer takes an elderly person, living alone to a tea party held at a volunteer's house.

Shame about your clear out of your clothes.

Sft x

They meet up with the others, old and young and have a great time.

It happens 1 Sunday afternoon each month.

We've joined the scheme and hope we can become volunteers soon.

Sft x

Aubrey Rose said...

That sounds awesome! I don't think we have anything like that around here. But up north we go help the elderly out at their homes, mowing, and picking the berries in their yards.