Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Month Down..

Its tough being young and living month to month, but I am proud to say we have just finished paying off this months bills! On time no less.
I know it may seem silly but I am really proud that I have been living on my own now for five months and have only had one late payment! (rent)
My ultimate goal for life - To live each year debt free. Now obviously, when you get a car you make payments, and in some peoples eyes thats debt, however, I don't see it that way. Its just another bill and as long as I make each payment on time I am doing nothing wrong! Same with buying a house.
This goal may be ridicuously unrealistic, but who is going to tell me that I can't do it?
I figure by being this financially aware at my age, I am already one step ahead in the game!

I was paid today too. Bartender pay checks are always depressingly small, as we rely on our tips for income, but I didn't need to use any of that for my bills today which was a serious plus!
I am going to add a dollar to each of my savings and put aside money for my phone bill, due on the twelfe. The rest I will use to start stocking up for May!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Challenge For March!

No-Spend Feb. has inspired me to create new challenges for myself throughout the year. This is my March Challenge, "Stock Up For May"

In this challenge, saving in March will be a little more difficult, but here is the deal:
I am going to cut coupons and find all those "five for ten dollars" kind of deals. Each week I will try and stock up on individual items (Toilet Paper, Spaghetti, Shampoo, Pet Food, Sandwhich meat etc.) that way in march the only things I should have to pay for are my fixed monthly bills and obviously the fresh foods. March will be tight, but in May I should be able to focus on saving! And after all, that is the ultimate goal. :]

Does anyone else have any challenges set?
Let me know what you think about mine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Birthday :]

I have to admit, over this past week I have been terrible about keeping my No spend Updated. I will get to that tonight or tomorrow morning (Promise!)

Today is my 19th birthday!
I have a job interview in two hours!
The festivities began on saturday and I am sad this will be the end until next year.
I'm real in to Birthdays, not just my own, but everyones! I feel like everyone, no matter if they are turning 9, 19, or 79 should feel just as excited! Its your day! The one day a year you get to feel like the most important person in the world. I am not shy at all about letting people know, I strut around town in my princess tiarra, and for one day a year, I feel like the coolest kid in town!

Amuse me,
What is YOUR favorite birthday memory?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Refusing to be affected!

Yesterday was quite the day!
I have already told you about my Valentines day fiasco, well here is the icing on the cake.
On Valentines Day we took a trip to see Auston's Family, I told you they gave us a fifty dollar gas card that I was EXTREAMLY greateful for, because that will really help us save more this month, and get all our bills paid on time! Well, after getting home, and being in such a hurry to get dinner on the table and the movies started I left my purse in his car, and didn't even realize it.
My manager came by yesterday to give me  key so I could get into work, and I decided that it was time to get ready for work, I was running all over the house trying to find my brand new hair brush, when I realized I didn't have my purse!
My hair brush is now the least of my worried.
No purse meant no keys.
No keys meant no car.
and no locking the apartment!
Now, I have already told you that my neighbors hate us, so not locking the apartment was not high on my list, but what was I supposed to do, I couldnt not go to work?
We had an order coming in and I had to be there to meet the guy.
I bravely left my apartment, walked to mcdonalds to return our redbox movies from the night before (I was NOT paying for an additional night), then proceeded to walk to work (which is only about a half mile away), on my way to work my flip flop broke, causing my to get a blister!
FINALLY I made it to work, called my apartment management and had them lock my doors for me.
Despite this, and despite everything from the night before, I refused to have a bad day, I just kept pushing through. I was so thankful that I worked so close to home, and I even had a decent night at work.
I also got a reply from a job I applied to and I have an interview Monday!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day.

Yesterday Was great. Despite, my neighbors and the dog trying to ruin it!
Before I go further you have to understand that I live in an apartment complex with Auston, and our neighbors, for reasons unknown to me, (except that I turned on of them down over and over again), hate us!
My arrangement, BEFORE the dog ate it!
So with that being said, I will continue. Yesterday one of my purchases from Dollar General was a two dollar rose. Just a single rose, but I had a plan. I got home, and on our door we have a clip (for notices and such) Auston was due home any minute so I clipped the rose to the door.  I kept checking on it, to make sure it was there and ot one point I heard voices, well I checked and it was there! Two minutes later, its GONE!
The nerve of some one to try to ruin my Valentines day. Well, after ranting and raving for a few minutes I looked over at the table where I had neatle arranged two champagne glasses, Austons Gift, and his cake, and who should have there big old face dug right into the cake but our dog!
Oh that was just great!

Auston came home, and he made me feel so much better, I felt like everything was ruined!
We stopped by his parents house and they gave us a fifty dollar gas card, which will really help!
Then we came home, had breakfast for dinner, ate what was left of the cake, watched Letters to Juliet and Easy A and went to bed.
It was great!

The Rose, BEFORE it was stolen!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines day plans :]

I am so excited for this Valentines day.
Auston and I are spending it at home, We are going to have breakfast for dinner! With blueberry pancakes, bacon, and eggs!
I am also making his favorite, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!
I managed to snag two champagne glasses from work, and we are going to have sparkling apple juice with dinner! Its going to be so much fun, much better than waiting in line for an hour at a returaunt, that will be inevitably packed with other couples.
He knows about breakfast for dinner, but I didn't tell him about the cake, or the apple juice, or my present :]

I am making him a memory box, and inside it will be written stories about all of our favorite memories together. I have decided it's safe to put that on here because he never reads my blog anyways!

What are the rest of you planning?

Friday, No Spending.

I can do this early today since I KNOW I won't be spending anything today.
Today is my stay at home and clean till my fingers bleed day!
I got all my supplies in last nights shopping trip so the only thing left for me to get is ambition!
I feel the dog smell is ambition enough.

On a bighter note, I did manage to take another five dollars yesterday and split it amongst my savings!
Its not much, but money is tight this month, hopefully after not spending all month I will have much more to add on March 1st.

I feel I am lucky to be money concious so early on, I am to young to have aquired any kind of debt.
My biggest goal in life is to go through buying only things that I can afford! I have been reading about many of your struggles overcoming substantial amounts of debt and I am so proud that all of you are managing to do it, but you are also inspiring others to be more aware of their spending habits so that they hopefully won't end up in the same situation!

You can keep up to date with my No Spending here.
and my 2011 savings goals here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work. Work. Work.
Finally, I have a second to sit down and breath. I got called in last night and ended up working the night shift till 3 am and then getting up at ten and going back in for my regular day shift.
Work or no work though, I still had to go grocery shopping tonight.
It feels good to relax.

Find out how my no spending is going!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, here i am... opening my electric bill, excited because i am POSITIVE it is going to be way down... wait for it..... nope, its the same. literally. $121. For a two bedroom apartment, thats a lot!
I am confused because I boycotted my heater this month, choosing to wrap up in sweaters and blankets instead. So why is it still so high?
Any advice?
what do you guys do to lower yours?

Whats behind Cabinet number one?

I have been really pushing off this next grocery trip. Trying to use leftovers, before they go bad (as usual). Well tonight is going to be a mac and cheese night (I have eight boxes in my pantry!) with ham thats leftover from last week. Now its not the most popular decision, but hey, this mac and cheese has to get used sometime... I usually save it for when my sisters come over.
Tommorow is dinner at Auston's moms... Thursday is looking like a grocery day.
but hey, that will be my first grocery trip this month!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished my chores early! (No spend day 6)

So since I did all my running around BEFORE noon! I figured I shoudl just go ahead and let everyone know about my "no spend" details early.
I had to pay my rent today, but we won't worry about that because it doesn't actuallly factor into my no spend month (ah, the glory of fixed bills!) I did however put much needed gas into Austons car  , a whopping $25.00! which is a ton for me, who doesn't like to fill more than $10 at a time.
After looking into my cabinets I realized I had everything I needed to make pizza tonihgt... everything except dough that is. Thus my trip to the grocery store.
I am actually really proud of myself. The candy stand right next to the register ALWAYS breaks me down, and i end up with a bag of M&Ms, but not today! I said, do I really need that? and didn't get them.
I did however, get pretzles and chocolate chips. We have no sweets in the house and when that happens Auston and I always end up making a dairy queen run.

Breakdown of today:
Gas: $25
Pizza Dough :$2.49
Pretzles (buy1get1) : $1.99
Chocolate Chips: $1.99 (each, I got two bags.. because of the buy one get one pretzles)
Tax: $0.00 (strange?)

Total Spent: $33.46
Total Saved with rewards card : $3.19!

I figure $5.97 for 2 big bags of chocolate covered pretzles is better than $8 or so a night on ice cream!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Us and the Dog!

Check out my No Spend Feb. progress!!

Today Auston and I took the dog up to the trails. There aren't very many good places to just walk around here, but the trails are beautiful. I was excited, because not only was it  fitting into my 2011 walking goal but it was also something free that both Auston and I AND the dog can enjoy. I think the cat likes it too becuase it means she get the house to herself! I had to work tonight, which was a bummer because I was really enjoying spending time with Auston and I REALLY wanted to watch the game with him and his family. I got to watch it at work, but its still not the same! The commercials weren't as good this year, but i did absolutely love the VW one's.. That little Darth Vaderwas the funniest kid i have seen in a while. Im going to go ahead and upload some pictures of our day, before I am tempted to further bore you with my play by play of the my day!

View from the top of the tower!

Auston Carving our undying love
into the tower


Us and the Dog.
It looks like I am Strangleing him!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I found an extra five bucks I didn't realize I had today! Since I had already had my bills this week figured out I decided to divide it up and put a dollar into each of my savings envelopes. It all adds up! It feels good to finally have some money in those envelopes. :]

Find out how my No Spend Feb. is going!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not enough Sweets?

Auston informed me last night that "we don't have enough sweets in the house". Now, I can't argue with that... but the thing is everytime we do have them they dont last longer than a day or two! This week I am going to try something new. When I go shopping I am going to pick up some pretzels, and chocolate chips, and I am going to make chocolate covered pretzles! Hopefully these will last longer! I will certainly be less inclined to eat them, I'm not a huge pretzel fan. :] I'm thinking these will winde up being cheaper than the Chips Ahoy I usually buy and after all, isn't that what this month is about?

One of our trips to Tampa last year.
 Speaking of sweets... I still have NO CLUE what I am going to do for Valentines day. I want it to be special, I don't however want to spend a ton. My birthday is the weekend after and that is already going to take a financial toll on us. Last year we had extra money and went all out, we planned a weekend in Tampa and went to Busch Gardens! It was great, but impractical for this year. I'm thinking of trying to make a cheesy romantic date in our own apartment, cook something yummy for dinner, and top it off with homemade dessert and a movie? and maybe a small present on the side, I might hit goodwill up for his gift! We aren't against second hand.
What is everyone else planning? Any Advice?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Final Goal

I have made one final (well maybe final) savings goal for the year.
I would like to save $1,000 (atleast) to give away to a charity or an organization. I will be donating this money Feb. 2012. At present I have NO IDEA who or what organization I am going to donate this to but I do love giving back.

Does anyone have any ideas as to a good cause, or charity?

Tax Refund.

This year I am getting $1,000 dollars back. But I wanted to make sure to write down here, in plain english what exactly I am spending it on! I won't want to seem like a liar that way, and hey... once the important things are done maybe I will have some left over to play with. (or save)
So here is my tax refund checklist:
  • Oil Change for Auston & I
  • New muffler for my car (I haven't had a muffler on there for months! Its really loud.)
  • $400 is going away for our trip to Amish Country this year
  • $100 is going towards stocking my freezer with meats!
  • $50 towards new kitchen appliances (like an electrical whisk!)
  • Carpet Cleaner rental
Hopefully I can do of these things for under $1,000... If I can't then the kitchen appliances and the meats will be the first to go.

I will try and keep you posted!

What is everyone else spending their checks on?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am thinking of picking up quilting. It seems like something productive to do on my days off, after the house is cleaned. This watching t.v. for six hours is getting old. I have always been creative, this could really be a fun hobby. Besides, if I get good then maybe I can sell some? maybe.
Maybe it will be a one then done thing.
For now, I am focused on getting the rent paid, then its off to the fabric store!

Dog Odors!

My mother is one of those people I depend on most.
Not just because she's my mother... God knows I have a father I don't depend on at all (Don't get me wrong, I love him to death, but he isn't the most dependable). However, my mother has all the best advice in the world, I can only hope to one day be as all-knowing as she is. It seems like any question asked has an answer.

My dog has been sick lately and keeps making messes all over the carpet! needless to say, My house stinks.

So here is a tip from my mother:

The questions this time around was : How do you remove pet odors?

Answer: Take a quarter of a cup of WHITE vinegar and put it in a spray bottle, then fill the bottle with water. Spray it on the stain, if the stain is bad then leave the vinegar on for a few minutes and scrub with a paper towel. If the stain isn't bad, or it's just odor you are concerned about then leave the vinegar alone after you spray it.

A side tip: If your car has been smelling bad, instead of geting scented air fresheners that really only cover up the odors, take a cup of vinegar and leave it in your car over night, the vinegar soaks up the bad smelling odors and it will leave your car smelling Much better!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creamed Chicken

So I got home late from work... real late, Like ten o'clock. However, staying true to my word I cooked the Creamed Chicken tonight. I wish I had taken a picture.
It was another succesful meal! And Bonus points for managing to sneak peas and carrots into Austons diet!! I was real nervous at first because it seemed thin. and watery, and a complete disaster, but with a little patients it came out perfect.
It tasted like the inside of a chicken pot pie. DELICIOUS.
the recipe can be found on my recipe page! Although, I reccomend doubleing the portions if cooking for more than two people.