Friday, December 30, 2011

No Spending in January!

We are Moving to New Hampshire March 4th!!
I know, I know, New Hampshire? what on earth is there? Most people can't even locate it on a map. Well, the truth is I love New Hampshire, I was raised there, and its high time this little chickady gets her butt home. I'm done living in the crap town, making no money, and seeing no mountains, for other people, I'm ready to start living for me. 
Sadly this epic move I have planned is going to cost a hefty amount of money. around $1,600. Currently we have about $600, which isn't bad at all. Most of it came from friends and family for Christmas - so Thank you! to all thouse who have helped. In order to fatten up our savings towards this trip we have decided that :
JANUARY will be a NO-SPEND month.( This months no-spend was brought on by Carla.)

Here are my rules...

Fixed bills -
  • January's Rent - $650
  • Car Insurance - I have to start a new policy this month, so I'm not sure exactly how much this will cost.
  • Electric Bill - Somewhere aroung $90.00 I HOPE!
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Austons prescriptions
  • Maitenence on Austons car (for the trip)
I will also be adding money daily to our sealed pot, and I will still be putting away $5.00/week towards my new car.

Other than the things I have listed above Auston and I will not spend any money. We really have to start getting serious about this move, or else we will be stuck when March rolls around.

I want to save up $400 to go towards our trip - this means watching EVERY PENNY we have.
But an added $400 should bring us to around $1,000. I will also be getting my tax return sometime in the next couple months, which will be added in, and I still have all of Feb left to save as well.

Instead of going out, I will be focusing on picking up extra shifts, organizing, throwing things out, cleaning, and getting ready for our move (we will be leaving the apartment at the end of January)

Wish me luck!

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