Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hand Crushing Peppers.

So I have been shadowing at my new job for two days now.
It been pretty good thus far.
And thats pretty much all I can say.
Because I work with disabled clients, talking about my day at work is pretty much a Huge No-No.

I am so excited for my paycheck though!

Mom and I have been getting the yard ready to garden, and I am so excited. I have already started a bunch of seeds inside.
My main goal is to grow enough herbs to maybe sell a few on the side. (one can hope)
Yesterday I crushed up some dried hot peppers. We had tons leftover from last year. I filled an alfredo jar full!
I have a mortar and pistol I hardly ever get to use so I was excited. It would be safe to say that was a fairly large mistake. The pepper dust filled the air and I was tearing up and coughing, and I thought I might die. It was fun though. And now we have home grown crushed hot peppers.
So excited.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Closing out March.

I haven't posted much lately. Mainly because I haven't been working, so I haven't had anything financial to talk about.
I had orientation for my new job on Friday though, so hopefully the financial chats will be rolling in soon!

Since its the first of April I thought I would do a recap on my goals for March.
Here they are -

I must warn you though, it isn't pretty.


-Do some exercise 3 times a week.
My original goal for the year was to walk 3 miles a week. But finding the time to walk was difficult. So I'm changing it to exercise. Any kind. 3 times a week.
Uh. Well here's the deal. I haven't been tracking this. But I can tell you that I have been very active, taking walks and raking, and so I cant say whether I passed or failed.
-Attempt to put $200 in my emergency Fund.
I haven't put anything in here yet, but if I'm going to get to $2,000 by January, I need to start being more aggresive with it.
Done. wonderful. $200 smackaroo's sitting in the bank.
Its a wonderful thing.
-Show Auston the awesomeness that is New Hampshire.
I grew up here. He is moving from Florida for the first time in his life. I just want him to understand the beauty and coolness of where we are going to.
We have driven around, and sight seen. and over all he is very happy. So I consider this a success.
-Donate $90 to a charity of my choosing.
A little more than last month, but I can't skip out on a month, or else meeting my goal for the year will be near impossible.
Hmm, well. It took longer to get into my position than I had anticipated, So I wasn't able to put this money in.
Also because I was let go of my last job earlier than anticipated lat year I wasn't able to Donate the $80 like I wanted. So I am really far behind in this. We will see how it goes.
-Sew 3 baby bibs.
I want to start sweing and selling different items to help pay for our adoption fee's in the upcoming years. Hopefully I will be gitting a machine shortly.
Not even one.
-Write another Chapter in my book.
I have been neglecting my story :( And it is off to such a great start. So this month I want to sit down, and really focus on it.
Fail. Fail Fail.

There you have it.
My not so success for the month.
After some careful thought though, I think I just had to much planned for such a stressful point this year. We just moved to a new state.

This month has simple goals:


1.) Cash. Pay for things in cash, so I will have change to stick in my sealed pot.

2.) Pay for May & Junes Rent in advance.

3.) Start running. I really want to and I am just to chicken to try.