Sunday, December 25, 2011

Photo 365 #5.

Welcome to our Christmas morning! Of course, we all look beautiful, in our Jammies, with unbrushed hair. It was a blast. We wen't over to the great grandparents (You can kind of just make them out in the backround) I cherish every moment I have with these girls. I am so sad to be leaving them in march. This morning Auston and I arrived at the house before anyone was even awake! It was about 8am before I finally gave up waiting in the car and knocked on the door and woke everyone up. Seriously, what kind of children sleep in past 7 on Christmas?!! We had all had a long night with the family on Christmas Eve though, so it was understandable.

I think its hilarious that without looking we all made basically the same "funny faces" well, all but the youngest, she just looks terrified to be there.

Hope you liked todays picture!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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