Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A blessing in disguise.

What a night!
My paycheck has been MIA for a couple days now, tonight Auston and I decided that it had gone on long enough and we decided we really needed to find it. So we start looking in the most obvious places first. After an hour, our house turned completely upside down, we still had NO CHECK! I was seriously starting to stress. We have to pay our rent tomorrow, and without that check I had no idea how we were going to manage that. I had finally given up when we found it in between two video games - hmmm, I wonder who put it there? Auston felt bad enough, so I didn't give him to hard of a time about it.
Even though it caused some serious stress I think that my check disappearing was truly a blessing. During our raid of the house, we found my car fund envelope that I had been searching for for about a year now! it had $15 dollars in it.. Heck yess!! Guess where Auston found it... The trash. How it got in our RECENT trash, when we had been looking for a year is beyond me, but I am not here to ask to many questions. I put a couple dollars into my sealed pot, and the rest I will be putting into savings when I go to the bank tomorrow. :) Auston also found 5 dollars in his jeans earlier today. I guess sometimes money really does fall into your lap.

Auston and I also made paper Christmas ornaments today. It was a lot of fun and I am super excited about the way they turned out. Next year I want the same ones, but I want to get glitter and paint and all sorts of other fun things to decorate them with.

What do you think?

What kind of crafty things do you do during the holidays?


saving for travel said...

I really hope your check turns up soon.

Congrats on finding the cash and starting off your sealed pot.

Your Christmas decorations are great.

Sft x

Aubrey Rose said...

We found it! and we are off to the bank this morning to make sure we don't loose it again!