Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2012!

So, with the passing of one year brings tons of ideas for the new one!
We didn't exactly plan out Christmas 2011, it was more like December rolled around and we were like, OH MY! We have to make sure everyone has a gift! And with 14 sets of adult couples in the family that can be a tough feat. Luckily I was crafty, and I love baking, so we decorated containers, and made everyone cookies, I really hope everyone enjoyed them.
Next year I want to be much more prepared, I want to be able to give bigger, better gifts, and most importantly, I don't want it to feel like ripping off a bandaid while I'm doing it.

So here is my plan for Christmas 2012! :

  • I want to buy atleast one present each month during 2012, that way I can spread the cost out. It won't be so daunting to shop for everyone all at once.
  • I want to set between $15-$50 a month aside for last minute Christmas gifts, decorations, parties, or holiday events we might want to partake in.
  • I do still want to be crafty, but next year I want my crafts to be awesome, so I want to start my Christmas crafting early this year, instead of waiting till last minute.
  • I also want to plan WHO I'm buying for. All of a sudden December hits and you realize you have 28 people you want to buy gifts for - that happened this year, and it was more than a little frightening.
    • People I plan on shopping for :
      • Mom
      • Bill
      • Mark
      • Dad
      • Zoe
      • Molly
      • Mary
      • Matthew
      • Chris
      • Vanessa
      • Macy
      • Kyra
      • Lori
      • Scotty
      • Randy
      • Cody
      • Melissa
      • Deb
      • Auston (I almost forgot him!!!)
Thats 19 people already! Believe it or not they are all immideate family! Moms and Dads and brothers and sisters, and a few nieces. Now Imagine if we decide to throw friends into the mix!

I know last minute things will arise, but hopefully my planning will help make Christmas 2012 flow smoother that Christmas 2011 (not that we didn't have an amazing year, because we did!)


Photo 365

Welcome to Florida! I don't really have anything entertaining to say about these ugly little buggers. Other than the fact that I will be so unbelievably happy once we move up north and I no longer have to worry about being eaten by them!


Ke$h said...


you're crafty too?

i'm locking you in when you get back.

Aubrey Rose said...

Of course I'm crafty!
How can I not be, after all those years of making doll dresses and CENTERPIECES!