Friday, December 30, 2011

End of December Goal Recap. & new ones for January.

These are the goals I set for myself in December :

- No more eating at work.
I'm sure I can find a much better way to spend my money than at my own resturaunt. Instead I will start bringing granola bars for when I get hungry.
Okay, okay, here's the deal - I did eat at work this month, but in all honesty, I wouldn't call this a total fail, because I did manage to cut way back on how often I eat there. (I think I only caved like 4 times?) So

-Walk atleast once a week This way I can start getting myself in a routine and I will be able to successfully walk 2.75 miles a week like I have planned for next year.
12-10-11 : My love, the family, and I took a walk around a beautiful family farm up un GA.
12-15-11 : The dog, Love, and I went on a stroll by the river.
12-22-11 : Love, dog, and I, another stroll by the river, on an unseasonably beautiful December day.
12-30-11: Love and I took a walk through his moms neigborhood.
Super Pass! I am actually very proud of myself for this. I hope I can keep myself this motivated in the future.

- Put $100 towards my move in march
Most of that funding is coming from my Tax return, but I do need a little bit of a head start.
12-9-11 : $10.00
12-16-11: $20.00
12-23-11: $10.00
12-24-11: $200.00 - Thanks to my WONDERFUL family, for Christmas, we were able to add $200.00 towards our trip. (plus a couple gift cards!)
12-30-11 : $29.00
All in all, we added about $555.00 to our account, through cash and gift cards from friends and family.

-Start a "Piggy Bank" that we will not open for one year. I want to add a little to it each day, it needs to be sealed off and solid in color so we won't know how much is in there, and we wont be tempted to open it!
"the sealed pot challenge"
Boo-ya! I started this on 12-5-11!
We have continuously added to it and it is already about half full! I think I need a bigger pot!
-Bake 112 cookies to give away to friends and family for Christmas
We don't have much money to spare, I think this is a great way to show them that we care though.
12-21-11 : Baked 84! Almost there!
12-23-11: In total we baked 154 cookies for friends and family! (plus a couple extra for ourselves.)

So Listed above were the goals I set for myself in December, little things to help keep me motivated throughout the year. Below is my list of goals for January. Hopefully I do as well in January as I did in december, if not better.

January 2012

-No Spend Month. Outside our fixed bills and a few other things listed here, we will not be spending any extra cash.

-Read atleast one book One of my goals for 2012 is to read one book a month, here's to hoping I get off on the right foot.

-Set aside $400.00 for our move This is a big amount, but I we only have two more months and so I really NEED to set atleast
$400 aside.

-Contribute daily to our sealed pot We started this in December, and my Pot is already getting heavy! So far so good, I hope we can keep it up!

-Start maintenence on Austons car Auston's car is going to need a few things done before it will be able to make the 1,500 mile drive up to

- Drink 84 ounces - roughly 6 glasses - of water a day. I don't drink enough water. My day is full of milk, and tea, and soda. The thing is - I LOVE WATER. I just don't drink enough of it. I know this one sounds easy, but I think it might be trickier than I expect.

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