Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ooh Lala...

TADAA! Welcome to my New and improved, beautiful blog!

I have been meaning to do this for weeks. The pink was really starting to drive me insane. Alas, my dislike for change just kept getting in the way! I have been back on the blog scene for almost a month now after taking a VERY LONG, VERY SHAMEFUL break. I am now trying to revamp and bring readers back in. I am hoping I am atleast somewhat entertaining sometimes? Maybe.
I also understand that good things happen to those who wait, so I believe if I keep on going, eventually I will reach out to more readers!

I really do appreciate each and everyone of you.

I feel like blue is more professional, and its not as distracting. I have been eyeing each and everyone of your blogs lately, looking for things that I do and don't like about your style, and have finally found one that works for me! For one thing I love having all of my gadgets, and extras off to one side, that way if you just want to focus on the content you can. Having two sidebars was getting to be a bit much. In my opinion atleast.

Anywhoo... What do you think??

Yay, or Nay?


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Hi! I like one sidebar too :) When I started blogging last year I had the standard blogger design and the header was orange... I finally got a blog makeover after 4 months (my actual one).

Aubrey Rose said...

I actully love the look of your blog. The header is beautiful! Haha, and I am a big fan of keeping the rest simple.