Sunday, April 1, 2012

Closing out March.

I haven't posted much lately. Mainly because I haven't been working, so I haven't had anything financial to talk about.
I had orientation for my new job on Friday though, so hopefully the financial chats will be rolling in soon!

Since its the first of April I thought I would do a recap on my goals for March.
Here they are -

I must warn you though, it isn't pretty.


-Do some exercise 3 times a week.
My original goal for the year was to walk 3 miles a week. But finding the time to walk was difficult. So I'm changing it to exercise. Any kind. 3 times a week.
Uh. Well here's the deal. I haven't been tracking this. But I can tell you that I have been very active, taking walks and raking, and so I cant say whether I passed or failed.
-Attempt to put $200 in my emergency Fund.
I haven't put anything in here yet, but if I'm going to get to $2,000 by January, I need to start being more aggresive with it.
Done. wonderful. $200 smackaroo's sitting in the bank.
Its a wonderful thing.
-Show Auston the awesomeness that is New Hampshire.
I grew up here. He is moving from Florida for the first time in his life. I just want him to understand the beauty and coolness of where we are going to.
We have driven around, and sight seen. and over all he is very happy. So I consider this a success.
-Donate $90 to a charity of my choosing.
A little more than last month, but I can't skip out on a month, or else meeting my goal for the year will be near impossible.
Hmm, well. It took longer to get into my position than I had anticipated, So I wasn't able to put this money in.
Also because I was let go of my last job earlier than anticipated lat year I wasn't able to Donate the $80 like I wanted. So I am really far behind in this. We will see how it goes.
-Sew 3 baby bibs.
I want to start sweing and selling different items to help pay for our adoption fee's in the upcoming years. Hopefully I will be gitting a machine shortly.
Not even one.
-Write another Chapter in my book.
I have been neglecting my story :( And it is off to such a great start. So this month I want to sit down, and really focus on it.
Fail. Fail Fail.

There you have it.
My not so success for the month.
After some careful thought though, I think I just had to much planned for such a stressful point this year. We just moved to a new state.

This month has simple goals:


1.) Cash. Pay for things in cash, so I will have change to stick in my sealed pot.

2.) Pay for May & Junes Rent in advance.

3.) Start running. I really want to and I am just to chicken to try.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

Hey it's a new month and you get to start all over!
And go for. Run! It can be one mile or twelve. It can be fast or slow. Who cares just try it. If you need help or advise or encouragement, just ask!