Friday, December 23, 2011

Decmeber Goal Check in #3

All right Guys, its FRIDAY, and you all know that means its time for my weekly Goal Check in.
Listed below are my goals for December, and the progress I have made.

- No more eating at work      
       I'm sure I can find a much better way to spend my money than at my own resturaunt. Instead I will start bringing granola bars for when I get hungry.
I'm pretty sure at this point we can just chalk this up to a FAIL. I still have a week left to try and finish strong though!

-Walk atleast once a week      This way I can start getting myself in a routine and I will be able to successfully walk 2.75 miles a week like I have planned for next year. 
12-22-11 : Love, dog, and I, another stroll by the river, on an unseasonably beautiful December day. This last walk was great, Auston came willingly, I didn't have to pull teeth this time. The weather was beautiful, everyone out and about was cheerful and full of Merry Christmases. I only have one more walk left but so far I am passing this challenge with flying colors!

- Put $100 towards my move in march      Most of that funding is coming from my Tax return, but I do need a little bit of a head start.
12-23-11: $10.00
I got paid today, I know, I know, $10 isn't a whole lot, but honestly it's all I could afford to put in this week. I am still trying to figure out how we are going to manage rent.

-Start a "Piggy Bank" that we will not open for one year.      I want to add a little to it each day, it needs to be sealed off and solid in color so we won't know how much is in there, and we wont be tempted to open it!
"the sealed pot challenge"
Boo-ya!  I started this on 12-5-11!

-Bake 112 cookies to give away to friends and family for Christmas      We don't have much money to spare, I think this is a great way to show them that we care though.
12-21-11 : Baked 84! Almost there!
Tonight we will be finishing up the rest of the cookies. I am stoked to have all our Christmas gifts done and out of the way with a WHOLE DAY to spare!

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Stay Tuned to see how my spending this week went - Tomorrow.

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Tinyholder said...

I say go for it! I'm guessing you are in the US as people in the Uk tend to walk much more than you guys. I walk anywhere between 3 and 5 miles a day and I absolutely love it. I used to be 28 Ibs heavier when all I did was drive all day. I've also made other small changes too like taking the stairs instead of the lift etc.

Aubrey Rose said...

Auston and I walk more than most. When we go to supermarkets we park farther away, and I am awaitress so I'm on my feet a lot! But we hardly ever exercise, or just "go out and walk" so I would really like to start doing it. That way we can be a little healthier.

Thank you for your support :]