Monday, January 23, 2012

My 25 Before 25 list...

This is the second of a Two Part Series..

Next month I will be turning 20. I don't know why this number is so daunting to me, but it is. I feel like it officially makes me an adult. Even though I have been living as one for the better part of the last two years.
Because of my excitement to turn twenty I have been doing a lot of thinking, and planning.
I have come up with a list of things I want to accomplish in the next five years!
In a little bit I will add this list to the top of my page, so you can keep an eye on my progress.

Here is my list, and a brief description on why I have listed each of these thing:

 25 before I am 25 :

  1. Master another language - Auston and I want to adopt, either a blind or deaf child, and because of this we want to master sign language.
  2. Buy a house - Who doesn't want to own their own home?
  3. Visit Italy - I come from an Italian family, I also have relatives who live in Italy still so I would love to go over there and meet my family, and see where we come from.
  4. Start a small business selling crafts - I just think this would be fun!
  5. Have a Sangria Party :] - Well, I tried sangria for the first time a couple of months ago. I am not a big wine drinker, but I loved it. And I just think it would be a blast to do this with friends (once we all hit 21)
  6. See a Broadway Show - Auston and I met in drama class, and I grew up on stage. I miss it so much sometimes, and I have never seen a big professional production like this.
  7. Go to Las Vegas - Come on guys, this one should explain itself. 
  8. Learn to drive a Stick - I just think its important to know how to do. What if an emergency happened and that was the only car available? I'll be damned if I'm stuck.
  9. Buy a new car - Preferrably an eco friendly one. I REALLY want this one, but that may not happen.
  10. Read the Bible, cover to cover. - I grew up in church, I know a lot of the stories, but I have never actually taken the time to read the bible all the way through.
  11. Go to see a Patriots Game - <3 Love them.
  12. Go to a Red Sox Vs Yankee's game - Huge Red Sox fan, and I think just seeing them would be awesome, but seeing them against the Yankees would be a dream come true.
  13. Get three New Tattoos That mean something Special - I must admit, I'm addicted. But they all mean something to me.
  14. Visit Canada - Can you believe, I grew up right outside, and still, I have never been?
  15. Start a Career in Finance - Even if its just something small on the side.
  16. Spend New Years Eve in NYC - I have wanted to do this ever since I was a little girl. I think its magical.
  17. Visit 15 Museums - Auston and I both love museums. But we have a habit of going to see the same ones over and over again.
  18. Participate in a charity Walk - I'm always down for a good cause.
  19. Go Rock Climbing - This is on my bucket list, and I want to do it before I get to old.
  20. Visit 3 amusement parks - WOO roller coasters!
  21. Spend a weekend in Amish Country - I wanted to do that this year, but things happen, and they got in the way.
  22. Start and maintain a vegitable garden - I have been talking about this forever! It would save me money, and I would know there were no pesticides.
  23. Watch 100 classic Movies I have never seen before - I'm a chicken when it comes to classics. I always think they're going to be lame.
  24. Find and buy a perfect black cocktail dress. - Every girl needs one, and I would totally spend a small fourtune, if I found the perfect - Could wear for years to anything - one.
  25. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans - I am so excited to do this!!

There you have it - 25 things I will accomplish before I hit the age of 25.

What do you think?


Ke$h said...

I think you should do a solid number of these things with me.

Aubrey Rose said...

Of course!
Who else whould I do them with?