Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo 365 Numero 8

Hello to my newest follower Ke$h  (not that I would ever call her by that ridiculous name!! yeah, I'm talking to you)- She also happens to be my best friend outside of the blogging world!
I love her, and everything she stands for. She has been my most amazing friend since 1998 - When we were in the second grade! <3 LOOVVEEE YOOUUU.

This is a close friend of ours, My lovely best friend, and I. I think we took this picture when I was 14, so Five years ago? WOW. I have a hundred more I'm sure she has forgotten about, but lets not embarrass her that way! : )

So, sorry for my little rant. But here is my photo for today! :

Not the most attractive picture, I know. But the focus here is not me, its the two monsters who refuse to let me write! This is my, "how am I supposed to get anything productive done with these two on my lap?" face

Well... there you have it. todays picture.

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