Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Books. & some more photos.

For Christmas Auston and I recieved a lot of gift cards! And a lot of cash! Which really helped us towards our goal amount for our move. We also recieved two gift cards to the bookstore. Obviously those would be useless on a move so we went ahead and spent those on books for ourselves : )

Auston already bought me a whole series of books for Christmas (he wanted to get me something that would help with one of my 12 for '12 goals), so I didn't need anymore fiction stories. I decided to go to the personal finance section to see if I could find something interesting. What I found was a book by Rosalyn Hoffman called Bitches on a Budget. The title totally sucked me in. So of course, I bought it. All the others looked boring. They didn't have a very wide selection. It hasn't been exactly what I was expecting so far - I was looking for cool thrifty tips - This calls buying a $300 dress (originally priced much higher) a good deal! I don't know about you my bloggy buddies, but it better be a dress made from God for me to spend that much. (wedding gowns, and evening gowns excluded - even then I would look at second hand stores first). I am hoping as I get further into it other chapter might be useful or interesting, but thats just my initial observation of the book.

Am I just Too Thrifty? Would one of you spend that much on a cocktail dress?


Unfourtunately between work, and my internet being a little screwy, I have not been able to get on to post my last two 365 Photos! However, I still did my job and TOOK the pictures, I just never posted them... SO... Here are my last two pictures for my 354 photo Challenge!

This is Ellie, she is the oldest member of our little pet family. She's a little shy of two years. And as strange as it sounds, this cat REFUSES to sit "on the ground" meaning, she will not sit on something unless is is ontop of something else - Like you see in the photo above. She doesn't even like to walk on the ground. I know, I know, she's a freak. But I love her.

This is my new Elephant! I found him at goodwill for less than $1.00! I was so stoked. I have a strange little collection of elephants. This one is a little worn looking, so I'm going to wash him up and paint him a super awesome color. I love adding my own little touch to things. 

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