Friday, March 25, 2011

Pre-Party Cleaning..

So everyone cleans before having guests over. Tonight we are having a poker night, and even though I am sure my friends will just mess the place up, we were going to do some pre-party cleaning. I figured four hours before the party would be plenty... wrong. Here I am 2 and a half hours in, I'm exhausted, AND even though my house is cleaner than it has been in a long time... I"M STILL NOT HAPPY.
I think I get this from my mom... She was a clean freak! Every day we had a list a mile long of things she needed clean.
I think it also has something to do with the fact that this is the first time I have had people over since getting my dog, I'm nervous about the dog smell that I have been tirelessly working on getting rid of, or that he will misbehave, or pee on the carpet while people are here! and I'm just nervous my friends will think my house is gross and not want to come back...
I'm the first of them to move out on my own, so none of them really understand just yet the effort that really goes into keeping a clean home. It's hard! (As I am sure all of you are aware) Especially when you are working full time.

I guess we'll see!
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not So Happy post

Now I know I'm not usually upset or down when I post, and I assure you that if you want to keep your happy upbeat attitude, you should stop reading... I mean it, what I am about to post really can affect a lot of people in a very negative way and I really don't want to ruin your day

Fair Warning.

When I was six years old I was molested by my brothers uncle. Little did I know my older brother was going through the same thing. I have always held this guilt in my heart, this feeling that if I had said something, this wouldn't have happpened to anyone else, I could have stopped him from hurting other girls...
A while back he was sent to jail, then released 3 years later on probation and now, lo and behold, he has been at it again.. If you want to know the whole story you can find it here.

I want to know why he was let out in the first place? Why did he deserve a second chance? Not even a second chance, remember when readin the article, it only mentions 3 girls... but there were atleast 3 other people he has done this too.

I wish I hadn't been to scared when I was younger to step up and say something. But I was only SIX years old! How can anyone expect a six year old to understand. I thought it was my fault. It took me until I was seventeen before I finally said anything to anyone.
What he did changed my life in so many ways, I grew up afraid of men who were older than me. Afraid to be touched by anyone. I wouldn't even let my mother hug me. Why can't people realize what an impact they are causing, what damage they are doing.

His mother is in denial, she curses the papers and calls everyone liars, I guess it can be hard to come to terms with what you brought into this world.
He's a father now, and I really feel for that little boy.
I hate that this wasn't just some stranger that did this to me, I hate that he and I will forever be linked by family. I hate this.

I hate this man.
And I don't hate easily.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Two - ENVY

Seven things I Envy
1.) Pregnant women - I want a family more than anything.
2.)Well-to-do Financially people - Money isn't a big thing but I would like to be able to go out with my friends on short notice without worrying about blowing my whole monthly plan.
3.) Skinny Girls - I want to be able to feel confident at the beach
4.)People with pools -self explanitory :]
5.)Harry Potter - I want to be Magical!
6.)People with Hybrids
7.) Compulsive cleaners - I just can't bring myself to clean my house all the time!
If you want to join the fun, here are the topics:

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.

Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.

Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.

Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.

Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Seven Great things about me...
1.) I have a family - A mom, a dad, two sisters and two brother, and a Fiance I love more than anything in the world.
2.) I have a Job - Not everyone these days does.

3.) I am fairly attractive - Not a supermodel by anymeans, but I wouldn't classify myself as un attractive

4.) I have lived on both coasts - And the grass is DEFINATELY greener in Southern Cali.

5.) I can sing & act

6.) I am a giver.

7.) I can count in Spanish :) - I cound count higher than ten I mean. haha
If you want to join the fun, here are the topics:

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.

Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.

Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.

Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.

Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

Zoo Pictures!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have not died!

Really! I've been reading everyone's blogs and on and off I just haven't had anything significant to write about!
I love writing and sometimes I write for the sake of writing, but I don't want to bore you by doing that to often.

Today Auston's family and I went to the zoo for his moms birthday! It was a blast. The Jax Zoo has a dinosaur exhibit currently with animatronic dinosaurs! They look really amazing! You walk down this path, and along the path there are different dinosaurs, who move and sound just like (well I imagine) a real dinosaur. One of them even shoots water out of its mouth at you! I don't have any really great pictures right now, but I have a few that I'll share.

Auston picked out his classes for next semester! He is taking a full course load! It doesn't leave a whole lot of time for him to work or help out financially, but I honestly believe his schooling is more important right about now. Without it we are going nowhere fast!
I am excited about starting a real future with him and building our lives together, right now it feels like we have been together forever, its crazy to think we are just barely setting the foundations for the rest of our lives.

My blanket is coming along slowly, I have taken a break these past couple days, it does get tiering.

Other than that not a whole lot is going on. But I will post again soon!

Strange to think my past couple of posts haven't contained much about our finances!!! But repitition is boring, I'll let you know when something changes :]

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have decided to pick up crocheting again. I am going to start with a simple yet practical small blanket..
I haven't decided if I am going to try and turn around and sell this one yet or not, I may save it for myself. After all it will be my first one ever made. We'll see.

Here's my progress thus far:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am thinking of ways to earn a few extra dollars on the side, nothing major, just some back up cash.
I got this idea at the dog party we went to, I paid $5.00 for a bandana I know couldn't have cost her more than $2.00 to make.
I'm unsure of what to try and create though. I'm pretty crafty, and given half a chance can make just about anything. I'm looking for something cheap to make, but something that will appeal to others.

Any Idea's?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bark in the Park.

Auston & Doser after lunch.
Today was a great day! We took the dog out to Safe Animal Shelter's Bark in the Park. It was a lot of fun. Our dog is very intimidated by other dogs so it was a good chance for him to get out there and socialize. At first we could barely get him into the event, let alone try and look at some of the booths! Eventually he eased up though. There were all sorts of booths, and causes there it was great! We took some money out of out coin jar to go with, we had only planned on spending ten but ended up spending twelve, it was worth it though!

Budget breakdown:
$6.00 - Hot dogs & Drinks
$5.00 - Bandana for the dog (it was his day after all!)
$1.00 - entry fee for a game : We one a free day pass to one of the local dog play area's! (regular $1st time admission - $5.00 so we saved $4.00!)
Total : $12.00

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Desperate times..

I have sent my resume out to five local bars... Desperate times these are.
The Girls at my current bar and I During one
our Breast Cancer Benefit.
I love my job. I really think that I was born to be a bartender. I know its not as respectable as being a teacher or doctor or social worker, all professions that I admire but have no desire to do. Well, I have considered social work, and I did want to teach for the longest time, but not anymore. I love the relationships I establish with my regulars. I love being on my feet and running around and listening to music, its like playing all day! Sadly my current bar isn't doing to well, and the drop in sales is causing me to have to search for mew employment. I am really torn about this because I love my regulars, but I have to do whats best for Auston and I and sadly thats looking for another bar. I am going to try and work both jobs, but who knows how long that will actually last. In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed, and say a prayer for me!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Loving this weather!

Florida has gone from unseasonably cold, to beautiful in a matter of days! Last friday we even went to the beach :] Not to brag.. :)
We decided to take the dog out to the Black Creek Trails today, everyone said it was going to rain, but the weather turned out perfect.

I was super-excited to recieve my brand new Dirt Devil in the mail today!! My mom bought it for me as a birthday present, and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes I wonder when I turned into such a freak. Really, who my age gets excited over a vaccume? Auston is assembling it this very second and I can't wait to try it out... Ahh, clean floors here I come!

I haven't been able to save much money this week, but I do have my cell phone, and my insurance money in the bank! Thats a pretty big thing, I hate not knowing if I am going to have enough to pay the bill. I'm still a little stressed over rent though. I really feel like stocking up on meat with my tax-return was the smartest decision I could have made, it really has saved me a lot of food stresses already! It makes it way easier to just focus on paying the bills this month. Auston left his job because the commission just wasn't working out. he was working six days a week eight hours a day and not taking home anything, so we are relying on my sole income for the moment, and I promise you, thats not much. Hopefully he finds something soon.
Here's to hoping!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Suprises.

On my way home from work today I stopped by the store to pick up some things for the house, I was in a bit of a rush so I just shoved the tips I earned at work in the top of my wallet not taking notice of anything else in there. When I opened my wallet at the register I realized I had five extra dollars hidden in a pocket!
That was enough to brighten my evening! Now I know five dollars isn't a whole lot, but its five more than I thought I had!

I recently started on swagbucks. Its a lot more tricky than I thought! but I am starting to get the hang of it.

Don't forget to click on the "Keep a Child Alive" link in my side bar. Its completely free, you just have to complete two super short tasks!
Every person helps!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stocking up: First trip

Excuse my not so entertaining post, but I figure I should keep you all updated!
I was on a $30.00 budget today. Small, I know!
But i did manage to stock up on a few things.
Paper Towels, and Drinks being a major thing... honestly I will probably need to go out and get some more if I want them to last through May, but I'm at a good start as far as those two things go.
I also managed to get Conditioner and body wash, both of which I am extreamly low on and now that I have back ups I will for sure be able to make it through May without buying any more!
Oh and some extra spaghetti, for the nights we just don't feel like cooking.
I had a coupon and got my oil changed at Midas the other day too... so that will not be a worry in the coming months :]
I still have many more things to purchase to be ready for May, but I also have a good two months to do it in, and I am not foolish enough to try and do it all at once.

I was pleased with todays expenses, not feeling like I wasted any money. A big bonus was having some cash left over at the end of the trip. I added that to my savings!
All in all, I would call today a success.

Things stocked up on so far:
Body Wash
Paper Towels

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Finally getting back in the groove.

Today I finally drummed up the strength to go back to the gym... I mean I'm paying $46.00 a month, I should go right? When I first joined I used to go all the time.. but some how life got in the way and now it just doesnt happen. Auston has informed me that he wants me to go atleast 9 times a month until my membership expires. That way im only paying $5.00 each time I go. He won't consider it such a waste of money that way I guess. I can't wait for it to expire! I am going to take that $46 dollars a month and start adding it to my savings!
I had to change some things around in my 2011 goals, I started thinking about how much money I was actually trying to save and in the end it just wasn't realistic... Maybe one day when I have a better paying job and Auston is finally on the police force, but for this year it just isn't going to happen!
My goals are still pretty steep considering my income but I think with a little hard work and dedication I can make it happen!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Biggest Challenge Yet...

My love has just informed me of my biggest, most personal challenge yet. There is no way I can disagree though.. here is is:

In order for him to willingly have a child with me I must save up $5,000.
The average cost of a child in its first year is $10,000, so we are going to try and be half way there. I really want nothing more in this world than to be a mother, but I can understand his financial concerns... as most of you know, KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE. Though I almost keeled over when he gave me that number it put this into some perspective... If I cringe at the idea of saving $5,000 now, obviously I am not ready.
The biggest part of this challenge : I must not neglect saving for everything else (See Detailed List Here) .
So begins Saving for baby!