Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breaking Down - The Dress

Weddings Weddings everywhere!

Loveyy and I are getting married June 23rd. His Brother is getting married in March! How exciting.

So with all that being said I have gone ahead and purchase the dress already.
I bought :
-The dress
-A crystal necklace with pearl
-A veil

All for the grand total of $1,085 (Alterations not yet factored in)

I know the number seems a bit scary, but in all honesty, if you've ever been through a wedding, you know its a pretty darn good price for the dress of my dreams. I'm frugal in every category but this one. You only get married once (hopefully).

So mom is splitting the cost with me right down the middle, and luckily we have an amazing dress shop, so they are allowing us to make payments on the dress. Every two weeks mom and I each pay $30. So that is roughly $120 a month towards our dress.

We have made 3 payments on it so far - so we are down to  $905. 
That means we have 15 more payments - with our last payment being $65. We will officially be finished paying off the dress by the first week of February! 
Which is amazing. And a lot easier on our wallets. No one is touching their savings this way and going a trillion dollars into debt.

If you haven't gotten married yet - I seriously suggest you find a place that allows you to do this - Interest free.

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