Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little more Christmas.

Today was quiet on the home front. Love and I went to donate plasma, but I didn't have the right paper work, so we are going to go back tomorrow. 

Auston and I made Popcorn garland today! It was so much fun. I am really glad we made an advent calendar this year, I think it has really helped us get into the spirit. Everytime I look at our little tree I smile. The garland is hard to see, but trust me... its there! On the bottom of the tree is also the paper ornament Auston made. The other paper ones were to big to put onto the tree!

Also, for those of who were asking, here is a picture of my Sealed Pot. Its already got a pretty chunk of change added to it, just in the past couple days! I wrote a bunch of money saving sayings on it, to try and help deter me from opening it early!

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No Spend Days said...

Love the sound of a popcorn garland. I think it would be for me one for the garland , one for me!
Good luck with your sealed pot to. I keep shaking mine!. Cant wait till its heavy!. Might use it to tone my arms up when it gets that heavy!
Love your blog x x