Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not a Valentines Post.

Maybe I will tell you all about that later.

Today's post is about my birthday!

In exactly one week I will be twenty years old!
Wow, crazy. I am so excited.

Lately I have been thinking about things that I may like for my birthday, however, nothing really comes to mind. In all honesty I have most anything I would want or need. So with the exception of a few things from family members I was stuck, I didn't know what to tell people when they asked me. It's not like I'm a child anymore who wants to have more barbies, and more toys.

A thought donned on me a little while ago though. To be honest I thought it was a spectacular idea. Here is what I truly want. And if you dear readers want to participate, I would be forever greatful.

As most of you know, Auston and I plan to adopt. In roughly a year from now we will begin the process. I am asking the everyone I know donates just $5.00 towards our goal.
This adoption means so much to the two of us, I can hardly explain it in words. My mother grew up in foster care, so I grew up knowing about the dark side of being in the system. If I can just help one child find a loving home, I feel like I will have done something truly spectacular with my life.
Shortly I should be getting a sewing machine, and then I will be coming up with some crafty ideas, I plan to try and sell to raise more towards our goal. I won't go to in depth today because I have already written a rather lengthy post on this subject.

And if you could share this post with your readers, or your friends, I would be so thankful.

Happy Valentines Day

Sorry if this post seem Choppy today.

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