Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo 3 & an unexpected gift.

Today I recieved quite a few Suprises in the mailbox! None of them are what you would call ordinary.

First there were all of these random pieces of paper!
HOW CUTE IS THAT!? I haven't a clue where they came from. They weren't in an envelope, they were just stuck in there. Crazy huh? This put the biggest smile on my face today.

Next was a greeting card from a local pizza place Auston and I like to order from occasionally.
Now, greeting cards are common, I get them from my insurance agency, and all sorts of other miscellaneous places... And they usually say something along the lines of "Merry Christmas, thanks for giving us all your money"

This awesome bad boy was signed by the whole crew!! Thoughtful huh?
But wait.. I haven't reached the best part.

And inside this thoughtful card there was a $10.00 gift certificate for pizza! No "with the purchase of blah blah blah" Just $10 for me - NO STRINGS ATTACHED! I know, I can't believe it either.

This was just the boost I needed to get into the Christmas spirit. They didn't need to give us a certificate, they are doing great business all on there own.  It was just their way of giving back to their patrons, and I think its super sweet. They will have our business from here on out. Sorry Dominoes.

So - I know Its more than one, but there are my pictures for my Photo 365 project.

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