Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lets Play Catch up

I know I know, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger these past few weeks. Things have been so crazy transitioning from one job to the next.

This new job cocktail waitressing makes me by far way more money in the bank than the last one, which is good because now I can start saving some and we will have money to go out and do fun things. The staff is a lot larger than I am used to, but most of the girls seem pretty nice, over all I'm enjoying it.

Something I'm not fond of : You literally pay for your mistakes - If you order something wrong and the kitchen can't resell it, then you are responsible for buying it. Thats all well in good when it comes to things that are my mistake, but thats not always the case. Take the other night for example... A couple of high falooting boater came in, drinking and getting really impatient for their food, they asked my to go check on their oysters and right as i went the oysters came out tada promblem solved right???...Wrong.... Heres the kicker, they didn't want them anymore... Which in turn meant I had to pay for them. Talk about an unhappy server.

They weren't to happy with me sunday either because I had to call out on Mothers Day. I had been sick all night and so I was going to go to the hospital the next morning. Turns out I had a Acute UTI that had spread up to my kidneys, talk about pain. I hadn't had any of the normal warning signs so it was the last thing I had suspected, but I am glad I got to the doctor before it because any worse.

Happy Late Mother Day to all the Blogging Mothers!!
Well, I suppose I'm done filling you in with the tedious facts that are my lfe :]