Thursday, December 22, 2011

Breaking down our Big Move.

As I mentioned a little while back my Loveyy and I are moving to New Hampshire in March. I can not believe we are only two months out! Unfourtunately, between Christmas and work cutting back drastically on shifts, I have safed very little towards this trip. Last night, I reserved the truck we are going to need to move with. We saved $300 by going with Budget instead of Uhaul, and we also saved an additional $54 by reserving last night. Thats a big chunk of money we just saved! Today I finally broke down how much we are going to need to move with -

Truck (with a tow for my Honda) - $680
Gas for the Seabring - $200
Gas for the truck - $650
Money for a motel (notice I didn't say hotel? ) - approx $100

That brings us to a rough total of - $1,630!!!
Holy Smokes that's a lot of money.

Currently we have - $90.00 - I know I know!

But hold on just a minute! A big Chunk of this money is going to be coming from my Tax Return. That's why we decided to wait until March. Another big chunk is going to be coming from saving between Jan.-Feb.
Our lease is Up January 31st, and going month to month was not an option, so thanks to a lot of help from My stepmother, we will be staying with her. Also thanks to help from Loveyys mom, we will be storing our stuff there. We are still trying to figure out what to do with the animals in that time.  Here's to praying!


Also - Here is my Photo for today:

Each day for a year I will post a picture of something that made me happy. This will help us start focusing on the little things in life, that are sometimes easily overlooked.
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This is from the walk Loveyy, the dog, and I took today. We wen't around five, the weather, and the water were both beautiful. I was actually suprised to see so many people out today, its December for crying out loud, where's the cold?!

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