Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 3 of OGB.

Yesterday I had to work a double so giving back outside of my workplace would have been very difficult. Instead I decided to try and help out with my co-workers. I began by going out of my way to help others bus their tables and do extra side work, but a little while after we got a big rush and I was confined to my section, feel rather frustrated that I was unable to help anyone other than myself. My next opportunity didn't arise till much later on. Later in the evening as things were slowing down I was content with the money I had made, and knowing that we are all hard pressed for cash I offered a couple of my tables to a coworker who's section was near mine. She accepted. I know it seem's silly but I am hoping that the extra money she made will benefit her greatly.

How did you help someone out yesterday?

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