Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday I worked a double. Man was it a long day! In the end though, the hours are always worth it. Auston and I also baked some Christmas cookies that turned out delicious. And then we cooked a homemade pizza that was... well, less than delicious (if you know what I mean).
Sadly all of the money I made yesterday had to go towards paying my car insurance today. I suppose it's just the sad fact of life.

I have decided that for Christmas, other than making magnets or cookies, I am going to purchase my sisters one really cool present each. They are the only ones I really care about making happy. I don't know what we wre going to do without them when we move. Part of me hopes that one day they will follow us. (A girl can only hope)

Top - the youngest and myself.
Bottom - My lovely stepmother, and the second youngest.

Tomorrow, to supplement my income I am going to sell my plasma again. It should only take about an hour, and I could really use the extra income.
Luckily I managed to pick up two weekend shifts this week. That should really help us along. I have $39.00 left on the electric before it is paid off once and for all, so after this weekend I will be sure to take care of that! Then a small amount will go into savings and the rest will be divided up between rent and gas.

On another bright note, I have successfully added a little money to my Sealed pot everyday so far since we started it. I am hoping to have a big chunk in their next year. Though I still havent a clue what we'll spend it on.

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Anonymous said...

have to say first. I have found that the best christmas gifts I ever gave were kissing balls and center pieces in NH they cost zero to make add your incredible cookies and ornaments to that and why would you buy gift for anyone most people already have what they want. Unless they r kids or out of state. Any way think you did great. your blog is wonderful. Also Dad and I had a jug to put spare money in even though we did not have any at then end of the year it usually totalled around $500.00 Yeah HUGE and that is how we took you kids on vacation even though it was usually just camping it was guilt free and all fun.