Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Treat Containers.

Aren't these Amazing!?
I am so proud of myself. Now obviously, the rudolf one is not finished, unfourtunately I forgot to grab the pipecleaners at the store, I am going to use those for the antlers. None the less I decided to post them. I spent forever looking up ideas on crafty ways to create christmas treat containers, and FINALLY found this idea here. I used some of her ideas, but most of it was my own. I used fabric instead of paper, and Auston came up with the idea of making a snowman also. ( I am so proud of my crafty man!)

For the snow man I used white felt, 6 black buttons, orange contruction paper, and black construction paper. I used my handy dandy needle and thread to sew the eyes and mouth on. Then I cut out the hat and nose and glued them on with superfast dry glue. I then glued the whole thing to the top of a round tuppaware container.

The raindeer was used with a red pom-pom, 2 white buttons, and 2 small black buttons.
Once again I used my handy dandy needle and thread to sew two white buttons where the eyes are, and to sew the nose on. I then glued the black buttons on top of the white ones. For the antlers (That aren't shown yet!) I am going to use brown pipecleaners. I will attatch them to the brownfelt and probably stick them off the edge of the tuppaware container. -again, I just glued the finished project to the lid.

Santa Clause was different. For him I used Red felt, cotton balls,2 white buttons, and 2 black buttons. I cut the felt in the shape of a triangle, Then I pulled out my handy dandy needle and thread and sewed a cotton ball to the end. I glued the hat to the lid of my tuppaware container. After that I glued two white buttons as eyes, and two black buttons on top of that. Last but not least, I took 3 cotton balls, and spread them out wide, glueing them directly onto the lid.

You cant see it here, but I also lined the inside of the containers with white tissue paper. You could use red or green also, I just feel it makes them a bit more festive.

There you have it 3 very cute, easy to make, budget friendly ways to decorate your Christmas treat containers!

Santa is my favorite! But Auston likes frosty.

Feel free to share this idea, please just link it back to me : )

What kind of crafty things have you made this holiday season?

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saving for travel said...

I have made Christmas puddings using felt with the Children at the school holiday club.

They were really cute and the kids were excited about hanging them on the trees.

Your Christmas containers are great!

Sft x