Friday, January 27, 2012

Call me cheap if you want.

So heres what happened -

We are at the tail end of moving out of our apartment. Most of our things went into trashbags, because boxes can be difficult to come by.

Trash bags are not the sturdiest thing. Today I found that some of them were holey. Now, most of you would grab a new trash bag at that point. But no, not me. Instead I grabbed the tape, and fixed those suckers.
My logic - Why on earth would I throw away an otherwise perfectly useful bag? Trashbags are expensive these days!

So, if you must, go ahead and call me cheap. I think I'm just being econamically savvy.

So the next time you are going to throw something out because of a minor flaw, stop and think. Do you really have to?  Or can it be fixed rather easily?

On a brighter note, tonight will be our last night in our apartment. That means our move is only 39 days away!
I am so excited.


Edward Antrobus said...

Next time, instead of using trash bags, go around to local stores and ask if they can set aside some boxes for you to take home.. I've got a pile of egg boxes from my local King Soopers for my own move in a couple months.

Aubrey Rose said...

I usually do that!
this time I got a couple from work. But we had A LOT of stuff!

~Carla~ said...

Woohoo! So you're good to go, now? Are you moving far?

Aubrey Rose said...

In March we are moving to NH, whcih is about 1,500 miles. :)

But our lease is up in two days so we are staying with family until then.

Bryallen said...

So jealous! I want my own place noooow, not in September!