Monday, January 23, 2012

$3,000 blogging challenge.

Today we enjoyed a lazy day at home.
We went out later at night for a grocery trip we spent $49.95, which is about what I had planned.
At the end of the week we will be moving out of our apartment and in with family for the month of February. I can not believe our move is so close.

Today I decided to join in the $3,000 challenge.
For me this will be a huge challenge. But it will be worth it if I succeed. I think I would be over the moon if I made $1,000.

Anyone have any advice on how I should go about doing this?
I don't want to spam up my blog with advertising, maybe one or two relavent adds, on top of my adsense but other that that I want my blog to stay true to its origins.


Ellie wants to make sure we don't forget her when we move :)


Gill - That British Woman said...

I am with you, I would love to make money on my blog, but do not want to fill it with advertisements.

Gill in Canada

Aubrey Rose said...

Its tough to do.
I have made $15.00 so far. which isn't bad. and is more than I had to start with. So I'm not complaining.