Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just give it away.

One of my goals for 2012 is to save $1,000 to donate to a charity. At  first I thought I might save it up over time and donate it all at once, that didn't work out so well though, because I kept fiding myself dipping in there for what I called "emergencies" but were really just me wanting something I didn't really need. So I have decided to change the plan.

I plan to save a good chunk of money each month (This month it will be $80.00) and each month, I will find a deserving local organization to give it to. By the end of the year we will have given away $1,000. I think everyone should attempt to do this, or something similar, even if its just $10.00 a month - thats $120.00 a year, and that really is a lot when you think about it. The feeling you get from giving, and the amount of joy you bring by suprising someone with a gift is unbelievable. Think about that pat on your back you give yourself everytime you throw a dollar into the salvation bucket each time you pass. Now picture yourself dropping $60.00 in that bucket. Awesome, right? All of a sudden your Merry Christmas turns into a big hug and maybe a few tears from a stranger.

I like to give to smaller organizations for a couple of reasons. The most obvious being, they need the money more. The Red Cross, and Breast Cancer Research are constantly getting donations. They really have a steady flow of cash when you think about it, but the soup kitchen down the street may could take that $80.00 and feed 100 more people right in your own community. (Not that I'm saying the Red Cross and Breast Cancer don't deserve it, I support both causes.) Also, I can see the immidiate impact for them. I ike to get to know a group before I give them my money, I want to know that I can trust the people in charge to do whats best with it.

If you have never done something like this before give it a try. I chose to donate $80 because it comes to $20 a week. $20 that I would otherwise probably end up spending one something foolish. You can choose however much you want. be it $25 or $100. You could even get a jar and just throw all your loose pennies into it, and at the end of the year give the jar away. Every little bit helps out.

This month we will be helping to support The Old Dog House.
Its an organization in my hometown that really tugs on my heart strings. Auston and I volunteered there this month, and I promise you will will be going back a few more times before the big move.
Here is a description from their website :

"The Old Dog House is a nonprofit, charitable organization located in Jacksonville, Florida, dedicated to giving older and senior dogs a second, sometimes third, chance at a new life. At so many shelters, the age of a dog determines its chances of reaching the adoption floor to find a new forever home. As a result, many wonderful dogs are denied the ability to live out their lives in dignity, surrounded by love. The Old Dog House aims to enlighten the public to the joys of owning an older or senior dog through educational programs and to place rescued dogs into true forever homes through adoption programs. The dogs that come into the care of The Old Dog House will remain in our care until adopted."

Check out their website for more information.

If the joy of giving isn't a good enough reason, think about the tax deductions later in the year. I'm always bad about keeping track, but if you hold onto your reciept your act will also benefit you come tax-time.

Have you ever donated a large amount of money?
Who was it to?

Did you regret it afterwards?

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