Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Rant About how Exciting it is to Move...

Today we had a Fabulous, Lazy day at home.
It was also a No-Spend Day. :]

A little piece of home <3

As our move gets closer I find myself excited, and impatient. I am so delighted by the changes that are coming our way. Both Financially and in our everyday living.
I will have a stable job, and the air we breath everyday will be fresher.
I will be closer to my mom and brothers and my cost of living will be going down.
I will be able to see the stars at night, and I will be able to swim in the lakes that I grew up in.
I can share with my love the joy of living simply in an area where the nearest large city is still only 109,565 people. Out side our front door currently is a population of just under 10,000 , not to mention the nearest city (which is only a 10 minute drive) that has a population of 821,784.
He can learn the upside to silence, to not having light polutions, to being able to stand out your front door and not see a 6 lane road.
Everywhere I turn I am seeing endless possibilities for happeness, and stability in our lives.

I know, I'm ranting now.
Auston and I just have some amazing plans and I can't wait to see them lived out.
Some time in the next few posts I will let you in on all of the things I hope to accomplish by the time I am 25. I must admit, its an awesome list.

How about you, do you love where you live, Or do you wish you could leave? What is holding you back?

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