Monday, January 2, 2012

Day one and Two of Not Spending!

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Todays post is short. I just don't have much interesting to share today!

As you know by now I am participating in Januarys No-Spend month. So far so good (okay, okay, I know its only the second!) I haven't spent a single dime in the past two days though, and that does make me proud.
At some point I will have to grocery shooping though. I wanted to go tonight, but loveyy is sick and I don't like going without him. I still might though, we are after all, down to the bones in the cabinets and the fridge.

I finished this months book last night! Its called Marked (a house of night novel), and yes, it is totally a teenage novel about vampyers. And yes I do love it! Its a series of novels that I love and I can't wait to finish reading!

Here is todays picture!

This picture was taken when I was a junior in high school by my good friend Kylea.  She was my neigbor and I was standing in her front yard, back then she and I did everything together. This has always been one of my favorite pictures, I love the classy feel of it. One day I will probably have it blown up and framed.

So thats that, my very short post.

I do have some rather exciting news to share, but I have decided to hold off until I talk to my family.
And no family - it's not that I'm pregnant, you can hold off on the crying for a little longer.


Michelle P said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm looking forward to your future posts.

Rafiki said...

Thanks for the shout out as well. It's a beautiful photo.

Congrats on not spending anything yet. It may only be two days but you need to keep the motivation up. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the challenge! :)

Aubrey Rose said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Since the day you were born if you decided you were going to do something then that was the end of it. You made it happen, there has never been any stopping you. You grew up learning how to take a penny and make it a dollar.