Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silly Aubrey.

Today we had a wonderful No-Spend day!
Well - wonderful in the no spending department , the rest of it sucked. And by the rest of it, of course, I mean work.
That was not wonderful. Not only did I make very little money, but I had to close, and people were skating on their work, and I yelled at a cook, and well.. I'm glad to be home!
Funny story:

So today before work I was extreamly lazy, I hardly moved from my chair. When time for work rolled around I jumped up, threw my uniform on and went to work. Good deal, right?
Well, here's the kicker, I get to work and start chatting with some co-workers, I leaned up against a wall, and all of a sudden realized something just wasn't right. Hmm.. It took me about half a second to realize, that I had forgotten to put a bra on!!! I could not believe it, I have never done anything like that before. Luckily our shirts are thick (made from jersey material) and no one noticed. I quickly called my loveyy who remedied the situation, while my friends and I enjoyed a good laugh.

What a day!!

Has anything like this ever happened to you??

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Anonymous said...

when I was raising my three beautiful children all only 4 years apart It became a running joke at my job to check and see who could notice first what I had on either in side out or backwards. Have to mention had to be at work b uy 6:30am and all kids at daycare and job was 45 minutes away. Hey at least the kids were always dressed correctly.