Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I plan to make more in 2012 ...

This year I made 14,722 dollars.
(problably really around $15,00 when you factor in unclaimed tips)

Not bad for a 19 year old, right?
that means I am in the top 12.4% richest people in the WORLD - Check out your number.

Next year I hope to bump this number up to $20,000. Yes, I know this is still considered lower class. But a $5,000 increase isn't to shabby in my mind. Plus Auston will be working part-time by then, which will bring in another big chunk.
     I plan to do this a couple of ways.First off by having a a stable job. Once I move next month serving will not be my primary job any more. Even though its fun, its just not practical as far as steady income goes. Some weeks I make $400 and other I make $95 -That is just not cool. Hopefully I will be working for Easter Seals full time by the time 2013 rolls around. Thats my main goal. Its a great company, my mom also works for them and she loves it. I Still plan on serving on the side though, probably 2 or 3 days a week. This will supplement my income in the begining, until I gain full time at Easter Seals. I may not give it up even after getting full time, because the truth is I love serving. I know thats strange, but its true. I love the rush, and the atmosphere, and meeting new people. Call me crazy if you want.
     I also hope to generate atleast $3,000 with my blog this year. I know its a long shot and I will probably make much less, but a girl can dream right? I am making a small profit with adsense so far, and my pagewiews have increased from an average of 20-30 a day to 50-60 a day. I know thats still small fry, but an increase is an increase.

     What do you think?


Daisy said...

I love goals! I think those are great goals. I also think that your income isnt bad for a 19 year old, but I'm really impressed with how you track your income!

Aubrey Rose said...

Thank you!
Its important when you have to live on si little to be cautious.
I don't like feeling broke, so tracking it helps me still be able to splurge on fun things.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Great goals! Keep sticking with it. I love that you have a plan! So many don't, so younger a step ahead

~Carla~ said...

You have great & achievable goals! :) Good luck to you!

Aubrey Rose said...

Thank you!