Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not exactly a No-Spend day...

Okay, okay don't kill me!
Today we spent a total of 425.00.

$300 - Partial rent payment
$110.00 - Car insurance renewal
$15.00 - Eating out. - Ouch, but hold on! Let me explain!

When we woke up today our water was shut off. A pipe had busted somewhere in our apartment complex. What an awful start to our morning. Our dishes were a mess, and we couldn't cook. We decided to move some boxes we had packed on previous days over to Austons moms house instead. We stopped by the bank, paid the rent, and decided we were starving!
Now we had 2 choices - Go to a fast food place, where we would have spent about $15.00 anyways, and we would have wound up completely unsatisfied, and feeling like crap. OR we could go to our local Steak N Shake, pay about $15.00 for a  sit down meal and be completely satisfied, AND get half priced milkshakes.

I didn't really like either option.

But, I decided that Auston has been really great about our whole No-Spend month, and we did need to eat, so we went to Steak N Shake. I made Auston promise that this was going to be our one splurge of the month though, after this we really have no room for error. So we went, we ate, and including the Tip, we only spent $15.00 , Not Bad. I hardly feel guilty.

I got my electric bill today - $40.91 - Seriously?! In the middle of winter? I am so thrilled by the weather. I still owe my company $38.95 from earlier this year, I have been slowly paying off the whopper that was my suprise $204.00 bill from this summer. So in total I owe $79.86 - That should be paid off by the end of the month!

Our water was turned back on in the evening, just in time for me to make dinner. We had Loaded Chicken Quesedillas! They were sooo gooood! I love cooking, and I love having a man who cleans up after I cook!

In a little bit I might even make us some Chocolate Moose. You can find the recipe here. It is so amazing, and so easy, ANYONE can make it in minutes. I will be posting what I did for our quesadilla's there shortly also.


Photo 365

Our dinner! Yes, I did take the one that was a little blackened. I'm just sweet that way : )

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Anonymous said...

very impressed. both on the dinner and the lunch price. When I was your age I lived off snickers bars and could ruin PB and J.