Thursday, January 12, 2012

January goal update & some no-spend news.

Yesterday we had a lovely No-Spend day! :)
 Today we did not.

We didn't do much yesterday, other than laze about before I had to go to work.
Today we did basically the same thing -except we threw in a small grocery trip, and paid most of the electric bill ( Luckily we can do both of these things at the same location!)

Today's Spending :
$8.77 on a small grocery trip - we needed to pick up bread, steak, sausage, and worsteshire sauce.
I am so pleased with the amount of food we have in our fridge and cabinets, honestly I don't forsee another large shopping trip this month.
$70.00 on the Electric bill - THIS MADE ME CRAZY!!!! Living on a servers salary, life is paycheck to paycheck. My electric bill was like $79 and some odd cents, but I only had enough to pay $70! Leaving me with a silly balace of $9.00 and some odd cents. Poop. Tomorrow, or sometime this week I will pay the rest.

So I noticed I haven't made an update on my monthly goals yet. So, here they are.

January 2012!-No Spend Month.
Outside our fixed bills and a few other things listed here, we will not be spending any extra cash.
So far so good, other than our one slip up this week, which I already explained in yesterday's post, we have not spent ANYTHING, outside our fixed bills, and a few other allotted for things.

-Read atleast one book
One of my goals for 2012 is to read one book a month, here's to hoping I get off on the right foot.
Finished my book in one night!
So Proud.

-Set aside $400.00 for our move
This is a big amount, but I we only have two more months and so I really NEED to set atleast
$400 aside.
1-08-12 : $20.00
I know, a dismal amount. But this week I should be adding quite a hefty sum.-Contribute daily to our sealed pot
We started this in December, and my Pot is already getting heavy! So far so good, I hope we can keep it up!
We have been right on track with this, our pot is so heavyy!! I can not wait till December to open up our mystery fourtune!! -Start maintenence on Austons car
Auston's car is going to need a few things done before it will be able to make the 1,500 mile drive up to NH.
We have not started this!
I should sit down here in a day or so and make a list of what needs to be done.- Drink 64 ounces - roughly 6 glasses - of water a day.
I don't drink enough water. My day is full of milk, and tea, and soda. The thing is - I LOVE WATER. I just don't drink enough of it.
This goal is a lot harder than I thought it would be!!
I drink more water than before, that is true without a doubt.
I do not always make it to 6 glasses. : (
Shame on me.

How are your goals going? Whether they be monthly, weekly, or yearly.


Ke$h said...

you're so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to increase my water intake too...some days I'm really good, others not so much!

~Carla~ said...

I can't believe you got that much food for just $8.77!!! A steak would be that here... lol! Sounds like you're doing great! :)

Aubrey Rose said...

Ke$h - (even though I hate that name) Of course I am! You cant live by yourself for 15 months and not be grown up!!

Laura - It is so much harder than I though. If I'm at work its easier though.

Carla- I shop smart! haha I always go for the lesser costing steak, and the sausage came with a $2.00 off coupon. Which means it will probably go bad soon, but as we plan on having it tomorrow or the next night I'm not to worried.

saving for travel said...

Sounds like you are doing really well in so many areas, including the low/no spend challenge/with groceries and of course THE SEALED POT :)

You should feel proud!

Sft x

Aubrey Rose said...

SFT- Thank you so much!
You are also doing great, I love reading your posts!