Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello Birthday Month, its nice to see you again.

Yes, Finally! February!
This is always the best month. Why you ask?
Well only because Valentines day AND my birthday take place just a week apart from each other!
What a week of fun it always is.

This is a picture from my 18th birthday! I had a princess Party.
Here is what I hope to accomplish this month :

-Double up on my Car fund : Put $10.00 each week instead of $5.00This thought donned on me the other day, I figure, why not? Its only $5.00 more a week. So instead of putting $20.00 aside, I'll be putting $40.00 aside this month bringing my total to $80.00! Woo - High Roller. Its getting there - a little at a time. I don't plan on buying a new car anytime soon, so its okay that progress is slow.

-Put $80.00 in my Charity Fund
I guess this is my magic number this month! So far I haven't put anything in my charity fund and that's a little upsetting. Well, honestly I had a little, but then shamefully, I took it out. Now $50 seemed like to little, while $100 seemed like A LOT so I'm sticking to $80 this month. Which will then be donated to The Old Dog House.

-Comlete 1/2 of my first blanket.
I am slacking! I swear to you I will never crochet another blanket again. it takes WAY TO LONG! However, this month I will be staying with family, and I will be looking for things to do to stay out of the way and this will be one of them.

I know its not a whole lot to accomplish, but honestly, I don't think I can handle much more this month without exploding.

Now to wrap up January :

-No Spend Month. Outside our fixed bills and a few other things listed here, we will not be spending any extra cash.
Okay - I did go out a couple of times - but the goal for my No-Spend was to be able to put aside $400 for our move, and as you can see below we rocked that goal
We had a total of 15 no-spend days!

-Read atleast one book
One of my goals for 2012 is to read one book a month, here's to hoping I get off on the right foot.
Finished my book in one night!
So Proud.

Now I'm reading The Help - Which is awesome.

-Set aside $400.00 for our move
This is a big amount, but I we only have two more months and so I really NEED to set atleast
$400 aside.
ROCKED IT - More than a week ahead of schedual!
1-08-12 : $20.00
1-12-12:  $65.00
1-13-12:  $80.00
1-14-12:  $75.00
1-21-12: $131.00
1-22-12: $60.00
Total: $431.00

-Contribute daily to our sealed pot
We started this in December, and my Pot is already getting heavy! So far so good, I hope we can keep it up!
Pass - After this month, my pots tummy is nice and full! I do enjoy adding to my pot daily.

-Start maintenence on Austons car
Auston's car is going to need a few things done before it will be able to make the 1,500 mile drive up to NH.
Change of plans. His car is no longer going. It needs a few major repairs that are just going to have to wait.

- Drink 64 ounces - roughly 6 glasses - of water a day.
I don't drink enough water. My day is full of milk, and tea, and soda. The thing is - I LOVE WATER. I just don't drink enough of it.
Fail-ish - I did ignificantly increase my water intake, but I didn't always make it to 6 glasses.

No-Spend January Wrap up:

We had 15 no spend days! While I do wish that number was higher I am still proud of myself. We also managed tosave $431 towards our move. Which is awesome.
I won't be participating in Februarys No-Spend because it wouldn't be practical. This is our last month in Florida, plus My Birthday, Plus Valentines day, plus we are no longer in our apartment so eating out will be significantly increased. Therefore No-Spending is silly.
Also, because we just moved out we have already decluttered, and gotten rid of everything that was junk in our house. So I can't participate in that half either! Oh shame.
Hopefully somthing will be cooking up in March!


Ke$h said...

Girl, will you be my role model? I'm so proud of you! {and you're rolling with the moving-back-to-melissa fund}

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Good job on the goals! You did great. Let me know what you think of the help, I loved it!

Michelle P said...

Good luck with your goals!