Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little car and I visited the Jiffy Lube :]

So my little 1994 Honda Civic is once again responsible for transporting Loveyy and I from one home to the next.
Almost two years ago I was packing her up and driving her 1,500 miles down here. I never thought she'd have to make the trip twice.
With the big move just 11 days away we decided to bring her to the car doctor for a check-up.
They filled up all of her fluids, and changes the oil. They also convinced me to flush the radiator. I haven't done this since I got her and I have put a good 100,000 miles on her since momma gave her to me after graduation in 2010.
All of this should have cost me around $130, which was steep but if it needed to be done, then it needed to be done.  However, with coupons, and discounts it only came to $70! I'd say I got a good deal! Proud? I am. We also bought some fuel injector and filler her up so hopefully her gas mileage will improve a little.
I LOVE when we take her in and get her tuned up, she always drives so much better afterwards.

Just 11 more days!!
I can not wait.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

Nice! That's a huge savings.