Sunday, February 12, 2012

Look at our new toy!

This came in the mail for us yesterday . . .

Isn't it awesome?
You know the best part? It was free!
Auston donates blood frequently at the Blood Alliance, and his donations gave him enough points to claim this bad boy for his own.

I am so stoked. It records up to 1 hour, and the usb connector is built in, so you dont have to go searching for cords! It also shoots really nice quality.

If I can figure out how, later I will post a video!


Ke$h said...

nate has one of these and uses it for his videos all the time. it works so well! i'm so pumped for you! also, I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!! <3

Live Simply- Live Well said...

How cool is that!! What a great reward for a very good deed.