Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nineteen to go!

In exactly nineteen days I will be packing up the last little bits of my belongings loading my two cats and my dog and Loveyy into my itty bitty 1994 Honda Civic, while my dad gets into the 16 foot budget truck I have reserved and we will all be pulling out of Austons moms drive and heading for our new home in the mountains.

This has all happened rather quickly. When I started planning this trip 6 or 7 months ago it seemed like it was going to take forever! Even as soon as 2 months ago I still could hardly see the end of all the moving, and packing and planning and stress. Now its basically here at my doorstep and I am still a little shocked by how quickly these past 6 months have gone by.

I am amazed by my ability to pull something as large as moving 1,500 miles awway in just a few short months. Auston has never made a transition like this. I however, am all to familiar with starting fresh. I have moved to many times to count! The summer before I started high school I moved from New Hampshire to California. Talk about scary. Maybe the fact that I'm callous to moving now is why I have such trouble trying to talk to him and comfort him. He is after all leaving everything and everyone he has ever known behind, and I am headed towards my mommy. I know its tough.

Here are a few pieces of advice when planning a move such as this:

  • Give yourself Ample amounts of time! Like I just said, these past six months have FLOWN by, and honestly I'd be okay with staying and saving for another month.
  • Let those who will be most affected know EARLY on. That way everyone has a chance to say their piece and get used to the idea of not having you around. It will still hurt when the time comes, but atleast everyone feels as though they have put their best foot forward and said what they needed to say.  - When Auston's family found out, I thought they would never get over how upset they were. but they did. It just took some time. And yes It is still going to suck, but atleast they were able to give us their input.
  • Check, then check again, then RE-CHECK your budget. Make sure every last thing is included. Don't forget food for your trip, or the fact that your car will need a tune up if you're driving. Are animals coming? You might want to factor in fees at hotels for having animals with you. Gas is a big one - for my car its going to cost around $200, but the truck will be around $600, thats $800 in gas alone!
  • Downsize. Do you need everything in your house? We got rid of tons and tons of stuff and still require a 16 footer to move it all. The less you move the smaller the truck, the less in gas. Its really a chain reaction. So look at your things and think "is this really worth paying to ship?"
  • Ask for help! I don't know how this trip would have been possible without the help we have recieved from friends and family. Some helped us move, some are storing tings for us while we are in a transitioning phase, some are caring for the animlas, and some are housing us during the transition. Help is key! Trust us.
Thats all the advice I have for now. After the big day I'll probably do a big breakdown of everything involved.

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