Friday, February 10, 2012

What an expensive day!

Today was a very productive day in our household!
It was also a rather expensive one!

It all started with a trip to the vet...
I thought today was the day I booked Ellie to see the vet, I guess someone wrote down that it was for NEXT Friday. So basically I woke up early for nothing. Next Friday was not going to work for me either. My cat has been loosing hair rather rapidly these last few months, and I need to get her in! So I called around to a few other places and now she has an appointment for Monday! Which is great news.

Then I had to go and pay my car insurance. Which is just a few pennies shy of $100. The insurance isn't due for four more days, but I fugured what the heck, I have the money today.

Austons prescriptions needed to be picked up, and that one cost me a whopping $24.30. Thanks to an excellent medical plan.

My car registration is due this month, and I need a new ID so I figured, while I'm at it I should just renew those as well. Equaling $84.35 together. Plus a $1 donation to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.

I stopped by the store to pick up some baby shower gifts as well. I bought a co-worker of mine some diapers, as well as a onsie, and some rubber ducks, and a rubber rhino! Because honestly, every child needs awesome bath toys (at least that's what Auston convinced me of.) This was around $22.00

We bought a few groceries as well, and now we are baking some red velvet cupcakes and relaxing!
Gorcery spending wasn't too bad today, it only cost about $12.00.

NOW, you put all of this together, and I spent a whopping $250 today!
Holy Smokes.

I am actually a little flustered, because I spent the money I had set aside to take Ellie to the vet. Hopefully I make it all back tomorrow. if not, I can always take a little out of savings. I just REALLY don't want to.
I hope this hasn't bored you to much. I promise to be more entertaining next time!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

I hate days like that when you just keep spending money on stuff. Adulthood. Ahhhhh!

Aubrey Rose said...

The spending was terrible.
All in all though, I think it was a productive day.