Monday, February 27, 2012

Yearly Goals Checkin #2.

1. Walk 2.75 miles a week.
This has just not happened yet! I find it incredibly difficult to find the time to do, and when I find time it either rainy, or cold. So I have decided to change the perameters on this one. This challenge was all about fitness and health, so instead of walking I am changing it to exercise. From now on I will Exercise 3 times a week. Hopefully this challenge works a little better.

2. Save $1,000 to donate to a charity of my choice.
So far we have $80 saved up which will go to the charity of my choosing sometime this week. I am so proud of the fact that we managed this.
3. Put $2,000 into an emergency fund!
Total : $0. BUT next month I plan on putting $200 in. It just seemed silly to save for anything other than our move right now. Silly and impracticle.
4. $5.00 a week into a new car fund.
Check! This month we actually put $10 a week in to bump it up a little. So far I am very happy with this challenge and the way that its going. I wish I had started it sooner.
5. Start an IRA.
Not quite. But I start my new job in March, so hopefully after that I will be able to open up a retirement account.  
6. Finish writing my book.
I didn't open it once this month. Shame. On. Me.
7. Volunteer once a month in my community.
Okay here's what happened - we planned on volunteering at this one place. Then the woman got sick. Then Auston got sick. Then we were two months away from our move and it all seemed impossible to find time. So this month we failed. But we'll go twice next month to make it up!

8. Read atleast one book a month.
Done! I read The Help. which was awesome, and I suggest everyone reads it.
9. Use coupons for every BIG grocery trip.
I have been using them more! We went out to eat and saved $10 with a coupon! I'm just having the hardest time finding them!
10. Reduce eating out to no more than twice a week!
Lets not talk about this. Safe to say this month - that didn't happen.
11. Call my family atleast once a week.
I have been doing really well with this one.
12. Make and give away atleast 3 blankets.
I am halfway done with my crocheted one! And I just recieved a sewing machine from my Aunt, so I  should start sewing some soon!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

I like that you are modifying your exercise goal. I am addicting to working out, and if it is something you dread it won't be fun. Just do what you can when you can and do something you enjoy.
And, I think it's smart to focus o. The move right now. You can pick up everything later.