Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally, I can breath again.

I am stoked.I have made it to the point where I could be fired today (Lord, please don't let me get fired today!) and still transition nicely during my move to New Hampshire.

Here's how :

I Have:
$761 in savings
$325 Coming back to me from the electric company deposit I made a year and a half ago.
$643 from my Tax Return
$250 coming from my mom for my birthday.

This gives me a grand total of : $1979

I only need $1630 to move.

So that gives me a cushion of $349 to survive the month.

Granted, I would really like to have more than that before my move. I want to add atleast $100 more towards my savings for it.
However, I had to lay this all out because they are doing perfomance reviews at work. Now I know I am a good employee, but not all my managers care for me. So the thought of loosing my job has occurred.

Today I got paid. My check was so itybitty and shameful that I couldn't even pay my car insurance with it. Which is what I really wanted to do today. Thats what happens when you only work one day last week. Oh the joys of not having a permanent schedual and a 9-5 job. (sarcasm)
I will probably end up paying my insurance on monday, because I work tomorrow and that will give me the rest of the money that I need – hopefully.

My real goal for tomorrow is to make enough to pay my insurance, put gas in my car, put my $20 aside for charity, and my $10 aside for my new car fund.
Which means I need to earn atleast $60.00.
Cross your fingers for me!

I suppose that's all for today ladies and gentlemen.

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