Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tax Refund.

This year I am getting $1,000 dollars back. But I wanted to make sure to write down here, in plain english what exactly I am spending it on! I won't want to seem like a liar that way, and hey... once the important things are done maybe I will have some left over to play with. (or save)
So here is my tax refund checklist:
  • Oil Change for Auston & I
  • New muffler for my car (I haven't had a muffler on there for months! Its really loud.)
  • $400 is going away for our trip to Amish Country this year
  • $100 is going towards stocking my freezer with meats!
  • $50 towards new kitchen appliances (like an electrical whisk!)
  • Carpet Cleaner rental
Hopefully I can do of these things for under $1,000... If I can't then the kitchen appliances and the meats will be the first to go.

I will try and keep you posted!

What is everyone else spending their checks on?

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