Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished my chores early! (No spend day 6)

So since I did all my running around BEFORE noon! I figured I shoudl just go ahead and let everyone know about my "no spend" details early.
I had to pay my rent today, but we won't worry about that because it doesn't actuallly factor into my no spend month (ah, the glory of fixed bills!) I did however put much needed gas into Austons car  , a whopping $25.00! which is a ton for me, who doesn't like to fill more than $10 at a time.
After looking into my cabinets I realized I had everything I needed to make pizza tonihgt... everything except dough that is. Thus my trip to the grocery store.
I am actually really proud of myself. The candy stand right next to the register ALWAYS breaks me down, and i end up with a bag of M&Ms, but not today! I said, do I really need that? and didn't get them.
I did however, get pretzles and chocolate chips. We have no sweets in the house and when that happens Auston and I always end up making a dairy queen run.

Breakdown of today:
Gas: $25
Pizza Dough :$2.49
Pretzles (buy1get1) : $1.99
Chocolate Chips: $1.99 (each, I got two bags.. because of the buy one get one pretzles)
Tax: $0.00 (strange?)

Total Spent: $33.46
Total Saved with rewards card : $3.19!

I figure $5.97 for 2 big bags of chocolate covered pretzles is better than $8 or so a night on ice cream!


Jane said...

A girl after my own heart! We sometimes (ahem) frequently head to DQ when the sweets are gone! Mmmm do you melt the chocolate and put on the pretzyls? Sounds heavenly - I am in love with the chocolate and caramel covered pretzyls at Starbucks. Hence my need to lose 10 pounds:)
PS thanks for following my blog - I have added yours to my blog list in sidebar!

Aubrey Rose said...

last night we did pretzle pie intead.
You, crunch up the pretzles and put them on the bottom of the dish and then lay the melted chocolate on top!