Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day.

Yesterday Was great. Despite, my neighbors and the dog trying to ruin it!
Before I go further you have to understand that I live in an apartment complex with Auston, and our neighbors, for reasons unknown to me, (except that I turned on of them down over and over again), hate us!
My arrangement, BEFORE the dog ate it!
So with that being said, I will continue. Yesterday one of my purchases from Dollar General was a two dollar rose. Just a single rose, but I had a plan. I got home, and on our door we have a clip (for notices and such) Auston was due home any minute so I clipped the rose to the door.  I kept checking on it, to make sure it was there and ot one point I heard voices, well I checked and it was there! Two minutes later, its GONE!
The nerve of some one to try to ruin my Valentines day. Well, after ranting and raving for a few minutes I looked over at the table where I had neatle arranged two champagne glasses, Austons Gift, and his cake, and who should have there big old face dug right into the cake but our dog!
Oh that was just great!

Auston came home, and he made me feel so much better, I felt like everything was ruined!
We stopped by his parents house and they gave us a fifty dollar gas card, which will really help!
Then we came home, had breakfast for dinner, ate what was left of the cake, watched Letters to Juliet and Easy A and went to bed.
It was great!

The Rose, BEFORE it was stolen!


Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear someone would be so rude to take your rose..and it is typical of a dog to enjoy the sweets without being invited. But it sounds like you made it a nice Valentines anyway! It's not really about the stuff, just the person you are with!

Jane said...

Stupid neighbours - glad you were able to make the best of it! Next year (or the year after) you'll remember this Valentine's Day and have a good laugh about it!