Friday, February 4, 2011

Not enough Sweets?

Auston informed me last night that "we don't have enough sweets in the house". Now, I can't argue with that... but the thing is everytime we do have them they dont last longer than a day or two! This week I am going to try something new. When I go shopping I am going to pick up some pretzels, and chocolate chips, and I am going to make chocolate covered pretzles! Hopefully these will last longer! I will certainly be less inclined to eat them, I'm not a huge pretzel fan. :] I'm thinking these will winde up being cheaper than the Chips Ahoy I usually buy and after all, isn't that what this month is about?

One of our trips to Tampa last year.
 Speaking of sweets... I still have NO CLUE what I am going to do for Valentines day. I want it to be special, I don't however want to spend a ton. My birthday is the weekend after and that is already going to take a financial toll on us. Last year we had extra money and went all out, we planned a weekend in Tampa and went to Busch Gardens! It was great, but impractical for this year. I'm thinking of trying to make a cheesy romantic date in our own apartment, cook something yummy for dinner, and top it off with homemade dessert and a movie? and maybe a small present on the side, I might hit goodwill up for his gift! We aren't against second hand.
What is everyone else planning? Any Advice?

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