Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Refusing to be affected!

Yesterday was quite the day!
I have already told you about my Valentines day fiasco, well here is the icing on the cake.
On Valentines Day we took a trip to see Auston's Family, I told you they gave us a fifty dollar gas card that I was EXTREAMLY greateful for, because that will really help us save more this month, and get all our bills paid on time! Well, after getting home, and being in such a hurry to get dinner on the table and the movies started I left my purse in his car, and didn't even realize it.
My manager came by yesterday to give me  key so I could get into work, and I decided that it was time to get ready for work, I was running all over the house trying to find my brand new hair brush, when I realized I didn't have my purse!
My hair brush is now the least of my worried.
No purse meant no keys.
No keys meant no car.
and no locking the apartment!
Now, I have already told you that my neighbors hate us, so not locking the apartment was not high on my list, but what was I supposed to do, I couldnt not go to work?
We had an order coming in and I had to be there to meet the guy.
I bravely left my apartment, walked to mcdonalds to return our redbox movies from the night before (I was NOT paying for an additional night), then proceeded to walk to work (which is only about a half mile away), on my way to work my flip flop broke, causing my to get a blister!
FINALLY I made it to work, called my apartment management and had them lock my doors for me.
Despite this, and despite everything from the night before, I refused to have a bad day, I just kept pushing through. I was so thankful that I worked so close to home, and I even had a decent night at work.
I also got a reply from a job I applied to and I have an interview Monday!
Wish me luck!

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Jane said...

Great job keeping you positive attitude against all obstacles! I wish you luck iwht your interview!