Sunday, February 6, 2011

Us and the Dog!

Check out my No Spend Feb. progress!!

Today Auston and I took the dog up to the trails. There aren't very many good places to just walk around here, but the trails are beautiful. I was excited, because not only was it  fitting into my 2011 walking goal but it was also something free that both Auston and I AND the dog can enjoy. I think the cat likes it too becuase it means she get the house to herself! I had to work tonight, which was a bummer because I was really enjoying spending time with Auston and I REALLY wanted to watch the game with him and his family. I got to watch it at work, but its still not the same! The commercials weren't as good this year, but i did absolutely love the VW one's.. That little Darth Vaderwas the funniest kid i have seen in a while. Im going to go ahead and upload some pictures of our day, before I am tempted to further bore you with my play by play of the my day!

View from the top of the tower!

Auston Carving our undying love
into the tower


Us and the Dog.
It looks like I am Strangleing him!!

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