Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, here i am... opening my electric bill, excited because i am POSITIVE it is going to be way down... wait for it..... nope, its the same. literally. $121. For a two bedroom apartment, thats a lot!
I am confused because I boycotted my heater this month, choosing to wrap up in sweaters and blankets instead. So why is it still so high?
Any advice?
what do you guys do to lower yours?


happyhomeowner said...

I'm in the exact same place! $166 for my gas bill this month and I live in a 2BD/2BA condo by myself...ugh. I'm guessing the multitude of windows must be part of my issue--I'm definitely going to be looking into options for better sealants, etc. over the next few weeks. Plus, I plan to do an energy audit with my gas company (they'll do these for free at certain times of the year). I'm guessing this will happen in the summer, and I will make the necessary changes in hopes of avoiding such crazy bills next year. Good luck!!

Jane said...

Hmmmmm that is a stumper. Does Auston work the same schedule as you? Does he use the electric heater? Is everything off when you're not there? Have you changed your light bulbs to the more economical kind?

Anonymous said...

If you're already boycotting your heater, keep doing that but go on an unplugging spree. If it's not in use, unplug it and unplug those power strips too. Yeah you'll lose convenience stuff like the clocks but who cares?